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This is a community for fans of country music. This is an open forum for talking about artists, their music, concerts, and anything else related to country music! In the interest of making this an environment welcoming for all, there are a few ground rules, so make sure you read them before posting:

1. Feel free to introduce yourself when you join or even if you just watch. It is always good to find people with the same interests as you!

2. Feel free to post pictures, quiz results, or anything else. If you choose, share icons that you make as well! For files that are larger, please put them behind an lj-cut for those on slower connections. If you are having trouble loading, just let me know.

3. Feel free to say anything you choose, but do so respectfully. Rude or disrespectful comments to other community members will not be tolerated. Please do not exhibit sexism, racism, or homophobic attitudes here. There are too many places in the world that foster ignorance, I'd like this not to be one of them.

4. Feel free to promote related communities here!

5. Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns at lost_in_america@livejournal.com


-Andrea (lost_in_america)